• Pro-Tec Car Shampoo

Pro-Tec Car Shampoo

Multifunctional car shampoo. The shampoo is intended for manual wash of the car’s surfaces. The quick-drying shampoo effectively deals with all kinds of dirt and insect remains, leaves no marks on the car and makes it shine. Forms a protective hydrophobic coating that protects the car's surface from environmental influences, salts, and UV solar radiation.

Usage: 1. Add about 50 ml of shampoo and 10 l of water to an empty bucket.  Stir to form foam. 2. Wash the car with a soft sponge, from top to bottom. 3. Then rinse with water and, if necessary, dry with a cotton cloth. If the car is covered with a thick layer of dirt, gravel and other solid particles, it is recommended to rinse the car with water before washing it with shampoo. Do not wash your car in the sun.

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DANGER! Causes serious eye damage. DANGER! Causes serious eye damage.

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