Intended for cooling the engines of modern cars and trucks, that have more aluminium details. Increases a protection of plastic details. Protects engine from freezing, overheating, corrosion. Contains no nitrites, amines, phosphates.

Using method:

mix concentrate with distil water in the proportion 1:1 you get the antifreeze liquid which will not freeze to -38°C. That is an optimal proportion to preserve the best protection from corrosion and freezing. Minimal using time is 3 years (follow car producers recommendation).

Standards and requirements:

BS 6580, FVV HEFT R 443, AFNOR R 15/601, SAE J 1034, JIS K 2234, KSM 2142, CUNA NC 956-16, UNE 26361-88, EMPA, ASTM D 3306, 4985, NATO S 759 E/L 1415C

Porsche/VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda TL 774 C, Mercedes DBL 7700, Ford ESD M97 B49-A Man 324, GM US 6277 M, Ford WSS-M97B44-C, Chrysler MS 9176 BMW N 600 69.0, VOLVO (Reg. No 260), FORD ESD M97 B49-A, OPEL GM QL 130100.

Packing 1kg, 1,5 kg, 4kg, 20kg, 220kg.

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