Kitchen and oven cleaner

  • Product Code: LH-KITCH/0.5
  • 6.17€
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Easy clean technology | For all kitchen surfaces | Removes grease, proteins, food and drink residue, scale | Streak-free | Transparent aroma, revealing the freshness of the sea and minerals | With niche fragrance oils

Kitchen and oven cleaner. The product is intended for cleaning of all kitchen surfaces. Efficiently removes grease, proteins, food and drink residue, scale, leaves no traces. Easy clean technology - facilitates subsequent cleanings. While cleaning a sweetly fresh odour is spreading, providing the freshness of sea and minerals. The use: spray the product onto the cleaned surface, and clean with a damp clean cloth or a sponge, dry it. If the dirt is old or hard to remove, spray the product on the stains, leave for 2-5 min. and clean with a sponge or a scrubbing-brush. After cleaning remove the excess cleaner from the surface. Use a dry microfiber cloth to obtain a shine. Before cleaning, test the cleaner on a small area in an invisible place. Not use the product on hot surfaces. When using the product use gloves. Avoid eye contact with the product. Use within 3 years from the production date on the packaging.

WARNING! Causes serious eye irritation. WARNING! Causes serious eye irritation.

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