• Product Code: antifreez​e-g12++

Intended for cooling the engines of modern car models built from 2007 onwards. Protects engine against damage caused by cavitation, frost, corrosion and overheating, especially in highly stressed aluminium engines. Manufactured with Silicate Organic Acid Technology (SOAT). Classified as a long-life antifreeze. Compatible with the earlier G12 and G12+ standards. Recommended replacement interval: for passenger cars each 250 000 km., for commercial vehicles each 500 000km., or every 5 years.

Using method:

The antifreeze is ready to use and good for exploitation when the temperature is not lower than -38°C. 

Car producers verification:

ASTM D 3306 and 4985, SAE J1034, BS 6580, AFNOR NF R15-601, JIS K 2234, FVV Heft R 443, KSM 2142, CUNA NC 956-16, NATO S 759, VW TL 774 G (= G12++ / G12 PLUS PLUS), SCANIA TB 1451

Packing 1kg; 4kg; 20kg; 220kg.