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Set "Crystal View"

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Screen wash concentrate - Protects surfaces. Removes insects and their debris, dust and grease deposits. During the cold season, the cleaner should be mixed with defrosting additives. One package equals to 5 litres of ready to use cleaner. Pleasant and refreshing fragrance.
Invisible wipers - significantly improve visibility in the rain: after spraying it onto glass, a long-term nanosurface is formed, which provides an escape of water drops. It also prevents the glass from sticking residuals of insects or dust onto it. “Invisible wipers” facilitate the operation of wipers - they slip through the glass surface easier and therefore less wear and tear.
A tool against the windshield weeping - ensures visibility in all weather conditions. Prevents the accumulation of moisture on the inside car windows, mirrors and passenger spectacles, and its nanosurface made remains active for 4-5 weeks. Does not leave any marks on the coated surfaces.