• Set "Clean car"

Set "Clean car"

Car shampoo - Perfectly cleans dirt and makes surface shining. Creates stable active foam that improves cleaning. Gives luster and doea not damage the surface. Has a pleasant apple smell.
Cockpit cleaner - The interior control panel detergent cleans and renews interior surfaces, as well as protects them from the UV rays. The detergent with the pleasant vanilla smell reduces the loads of electrostatic surfaces, thus enabling dust-proof effect and reducing their accumulation.
Textile impregnator - Long-lasting protective textile microsurfacing. Long-term protection from water, dirt. Protects upholstery from tea, coffee, red wine, ketchup, etc. Spots. The product is water-based, solvent-free and environment friendly. Nanchoating remains efficient up to 4 - 5 weeks.