• Polishing wax

Polishing wax

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Purpose. Restoration of car paintwork. Removes various dirt. Prevents surfaces from becoming dull. Hides minor scratches. Protects from adverse weather. Protects the surface from water, brings smoothness and deep shine to the treated surface.


The product is viscous, has a straw colour and a smell of cleanliness. The product contains cleaning components of vegetable origin. The product contains natural carnauba wax. Contains no organic solvents, volatile organic substances, synthetic colour/perfume, or other substances harmful to the environment.


Directions for use. Ready for use. Shake well before use. Spray the product on the treated area and polish it with a soft cloth in round movements until the surface acquires transparent shine. To achieve better polishing results, wash the car with a car wash product before polishing. Protect from direct sunlight