Automatic corking equipment consists of three main mechanisms: 

  1. For filled containers braking and locking mechanism on conveyor.
  2. Cork guidance and handing for torque mechanism.
  3. Cork collecting and torque mechanism.
  4. All these mechanisms work in strict accordance to the sequence program .

In automatic mode by  pressing "START" button  the device is prepared for work, i.e. corking giving elbow gives the cork while torque head takes it. Screw-on process begins when the container moving on the conveyor reaches sensor mounted on brake cylinders. Cork is screwed when containers neck receivestorque head. Meanwhile cork guidance and filing mechanism prepares next cork to screw up and containers stopping  and locking mechanism pass by corked containers. The cycle repeats when container reaches the sensor. All machine’s mechanisms work in automatic mode and in strict accordance to the sequence order, therefore if the device is switched to manual  mode, the operator should  manage separate mechanisms very carefully  in order to  avoid any damage. 


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