Six-slot automatic dosage device pours the exact quantity (+ 1%)  of liquid into the foreknow containers. Pouring alignment for the determined dose is done on the control panel. After pouring, the drops accumulated at the end of each funnel are collected with a special vessel, where they flow into an overflow collecting container which is installed at the bottom of working table. After the pouring cycle is completed full containers are pushed by the new empty containers and move towards the cork torque machine and the cycle repeats itself automatically. For foamy liquids dosage are specially adjusted by submerging the funnels into liquid and protecting the process from forming foam. The same dosing equipment is easily adapted for a wide range of containers and different types of liquids. All machine’s mechanisms work in automatic mode and in strict accordance to the sequence order, therefore if the device is switched to manual  mode, the operator should  manage separate mechanisms very carefully  in order to  avoid any damage.


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