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Car wash

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Purpose. Washing of car exterior manually or at a car-washing installation. Easily removes stubborn dirt and brings deep shine to the surface. Leaves no marks. Mild (pH~8), does not damage the surface. Suitable for daily use. Protects from adverse weather.


The product is colourless and has a smell of cleanliness. The product contains cleaning components of vegetable origin (palm oil, coconut oil). Contains no organic solvents, volatile organic substances, phosphates, synthetic colour/perfume or other substances harmful to the environment.


Directions for use. Wash the car with cold water to remove major dirt. Pour 50 mL of the product into 10 L of water. Wash the car with the resulting solution then rinse with water. For best results apply car polish.. Warm up the product in a case of freezing. Protect from direct sunlight.