• Car interior cleaner

Car interior cleaner

  • Product Code: PA8923
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Purpose. Cleaning and refreshment of all interior/exterior plastic or rubber surfaces. Easily removes stubborn dirt. Restores the original condition of the surface. Leaves no stains. Non-glossy.


The product is clear, has a brownish colour and a smell of cleanliness. The product contains cleaning components of vegetable origin (palm oil). Contains no phosphates, silicon, synthetic colour/perfume, or other substances harmful to the environment. Contains silver nanoparticles that modify the treated surface, remove unpleasant odours and prevent their absorption, and disinfect.


Directions for use. Ready for use. Spray on a small area of the surface to be treated and rub in with a soft cloth. Wait 1-2 minutes. Then polish the surface with a dry, soft cloth. Warm up the product in a case of freezing. Protect from direct sunlight.